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Why Work With Me?

I am a travel agent with LunAmore` Travel who helps engaged couples and families explore, plan and experience the most amazing dream honeymoon or vacations to the Caribbean and beyond from finding the most daring and adventure worthy activities in stunning locations to saving my clients the time and hassle in preparing a trip. One of the benefits of using a travel agent versus an online booking site is the value we provide our clients. For example, when was the last time you went on your voyage and came back fully rested, renewed, and rejuvenated? Most travelers come back from travel exhausted and need a vacation from the vacation. Here’s a few quick pointers to help enjoy your next getaway and experience that reboot you were looking for:

Don’t Over Schedule. Resist the urge of planning too many activities at a time and getting burnt out. Focus on only maximizing a few activities per day.

Find YOUR Peace of Mind. Whether that means a mountain hike, a day at the beach or exploring new territory, find your little slice of heaven and what that means for you.

Enjoy The Present. Time flies when you’re having fun and it helps to just savor every moment while you can. Perhaps consider getting a deep tissue massage, enjoying a day at the spa or just some you time through meditation.

Do Something New! See a different place. Try a different taste. Meet a different race. Maybe zip line through the rain forest or something different to add to your experience.

Prepare A Herbal Travel Kit. According to nutritionists, 3 of the most important supplements to travel with are Vitamin C for the immune system, a good probiotic for the digestive system and an essential oil for relaxation.

Quantity Over Quality.  You read that right, researchers have found that instead of planning that ONE BIG GRAND TRIP, try planning multiple vacations if you can since we return to previous happiness levels very quickly once we return from our travel adventure.

Go Out With A Bang!  It is interesting  that in a series of events the human brain gives considerable consideration to whatever happened last. So when you are on your trip chose to go to that fancy restaurant, visit that grand site, activity or excursion on the final part  and leave a permanent impression and memory that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready to put this knowledge to use? Good!

Step 1.) Click on the link below to Learn More-> and schedule a  ‘Destination Session’ for a one on one on what your dream vacation looks like!

Step 2.) Choose your destination. Make your deposit. Pack your bags.

Step 3.) Explore an amazing part of the world and the best it has to offer. No stress, no planning just fun and relaxation!


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