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Why Use a Travel Agent in 2019?

  • First, we as travel experts add so much value in cost and time savings from discounts, amenities, exclusionary deals, extras especially for group and wedding travel, keep up to date with promotions and best times to make a reservation, that you could actually come out  saving money, versus spending more money when using an agent.
  • If that wasn’t enough we add a human element to your planning. treating you as a person and not a number investing time, effort and we are available to you 24 hours a day.
  • The world is constantly changing, and we change with it to provide up to dates on weather, travel advisories, safety and current conditions while still discovering, researching and catering to your specific vacation needs.
  • A resourceful agent will guide you on where to go and not to go, as far as crime, natural disasters and war torn regions as well.
  • We will be able to not only explain the benefits of travel insurance ahead of time taking into account weather conditions where a delay, cancellation or rescheduling would occur, but also hold your reservation and make the adjustments on the spot on our end to provide a hassle free experience.
  • As far as preparation, it can be very time consuming to plan a trip with life being busier and more demanding than ever and we can give you your time back while directing you where you are going; from someone who has, or know those who have, traveled there before and can show you things like the hidden gems of your destination, and which rooms have the best view.
  • From wedding destinations, baby boomers, millennial’s, LGBT and female solo travel, it has become a much more complicated industry and you are always at an advantage when utilizing someone who specializes in their particular niche and understands what you are looking for.
  • We understand what you are looking for from relaxing on the white sands, clear skies and calm seas of Aruba, or exploring the excursions of Jamaica,  climbing the pyramids at Chichen Itza,  or swimming with whale sharks on Isla Mujeres, let us here at LunAmore’ Travel plan your next adventure.

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